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With DoTenX platform you can build websites, landing pages, APIs, automations, forms and much more.

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Build as you design

With DoTenX there is no line between design and implementation.

  • From simple landing page to complex web apps.
  • Multiple levels of abstractions to adjust to your needs and skill level.

Bring your ideas to life

Building backend with
DoTenX is fast and easy!

User management

Manage your users, handle Sign up, Sign In and provide 3rd-Party sign up for your applications without code - Twitter sign up is available, other 3rd-Party sign ups will be added soon.




Integrate your workflow with other tools

Integrate all your tools and manage your processes in one single platform. Choose from tens of ready-made
app integrations or connect to any online app with API integrations.

automation flow

Low-Code Creation

Your super power is your creativity not your coding skills

  • Simply Create your SaaS and put in on the market without an engineering team.
  • The fastest way to create your app and validate your ideas with minimum cost!

Build powerful apps

How it works.


In order to connect different third party applications, e.g., Twitter, Airtable, Notion, Shopify, etc., you need to add an integration. Integrations, in simple terms, allow DoTenX to automate certain activities (tasks to be specific) on your behalf.


DoTenX supports Scheduled Triggers and Regular Triggers.A scheduled trigger, starts the execution of an automation based on a pattern, however, a regular trigger checks a certain condition, every x seconds, and should the condition be true it starts the execution and can pass certain values to the tasks in the automation.


Tasks are the actual building blocks of an automation. Each task can execute a certain job. You can choose one of the existing task types, e.g. Send Tweet, Send Slack Message, etc, or use a user defined task. The user defined tasks can virtually be anything you can think of. All you need to do is to dockerize the code you want to run (that automates a job), add a generic taks to your automation and configure the task with your image name.

Any questions?
We got you.


Everyone can benefits from automations, DoTenX helps you to Automate any repetitive work once for ever and provides opportunity to create Apps without concerning about technical side of development and focusing on the idea by using pre-built nodes as your Back-End.

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